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John McKinzie

Lead Pastor, Hope Fellowship

If lost people matter to God, then they should matter to us.

Quite often at Hope Fellowship you’ll hear the statement, “If lost people matter to God, then they should matter to us.” Reaching others locally and around the world has been a priority at our church from its conception.

I am excited about a partnership we are beginning with One Child Matters. This is a ministry that is currently providing hope and love to over 40,000 children worldwide. Through your sponsorship of a child, transformation will begin in your child, their family, local church and community.

Through Hope Fellowship and individual sponsorship, we have the opportunity to impact hundreds of kids who will begin to receive nutritional support, medical care, educational assistance, and a lasting hope in Jesus Christ.

I would love for you to pray about sponsoring a child today. You can help to bring hope and show God’s love to children in Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Together let’s truly show others that they matter to God, and to us!

The Power of Sponsorship

Extreme poverty is an overwhelming global problem that breaks the heart of God. Fortunately, we know of a solution that's modeled after God's own interventions in the world. It's incredibly effective and life-changing. You start with one child, and choose to sponsor them to help lift them out of poverty. By ensuring your child develops in a well-rounded way, they can break the cycle of poverty forever!

The Elements of Sponsorship

Sponsorship allows us to address each major area of a child's life:


Spiritually, children have the opportunity to accept Christ as Savior and become mature disciples.


The programs provide educational support and tutoring to help children academically.


Health screenings and hygiene training address common health concerns. Nutritious snacks, meals, and supplements help children grow into healthier adults.


Sponsorship brings children to a program that provides safe places to play and develop friendships with input from caring adults.

Your Personal Impact

One Child Matters can create a crucial foundation of support, but there's another important factor in a child's development - YOU! As a sponsor, you are an incredible source of encouragement. Your letters and prayers are powerful and effective. Your faithful support opens doors of opportunity - it is one of the best investments you can make in God's kingdom!

Where You Serve


"Honduras" means "great depths," which suits the country's tremendous culture and pride. But Honduras is also one of the poorest countries in Latin America. More than two-thirds of the children One Child Matters serve come from single-mother homes. Children see issues like substance abuse and domestic violence every day.

What's more, schools in Honduras are overcrowded with as many as 80 children sharing a classroom. Less than a third of children go on to secondary school. And Honduras is overrun by gangs who prey on children who feel undervalued and overlooked. But sponsorship is an intervention and an opportunity for positive impact that can transform an entire community. Meet the children we serve in Honduras who are waiting for a sponsor!

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic (DR) populates two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, located in the Caribbean Sea. The nation of Haiti, just west of the Dominican Republic, occupies the other third of the island. The Dominican Republic is just slightly twice the size of New Hampshire with a population of over 9.5 million people.

While its excellent economic policies have helped to make it one of the largest economies in the region, the DR faces various hardships. High unemployment, poorly distributed income, and government corruption all pose significant challenges. Migration, both to and from the country, also affects the DR. Many Haitians, fleeing the dismal conditions of their homeland, move to the DR seeking a better life. This migration stresses an already poor job market and produces social tensions between the Dominicans and Haitians.

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